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How to Transition to Natural Hair & More

Posted by A'Kiyia on September 18, 2011 at 10:30 PM

You should View your transition from a hair relaxer to natural hair as a time to change how you view your hair. You can develop a hair routine to maximize your hair growth. Focus on the many benefits of going natural. What are your motivations to embrace your natural hair? Realize that your relaxed hair has hidden your true hair's true texture. If you have been receiving chemical services for many years, you may not know exactly what to expect.


Start to grown out your hair, by avoiding all relaxer treatments and touch ups. Once you have one to two inches of new growth, you can get a glimpse at your new head of hair. Once you have identified your hair texture, start your style search. Find pictures and hair albums of people with similar hair texture to you. Book mark these websites and hair albums. This will give you a glimpse into what you can and cannot do with your hair. For example if your hair is fluffy, soft, and has springy O or Z shaped spirals you probably have 4b or 4c hair texture.

This hair type does well with two strand twists, twist outs, afros, bantu knots, roller sets, and locs. There are hundreds of other hair styles that you can do. You must realize that you will not be able to wash and go and achieve large perfect spirals curls, if you do not have them naturally. The curls and spirals can be achieved with styling through a roller set, twist out, coil out, or braid out. You can even wear a wash and go with hair conditioning gel, such as shine and smooth gel with aloe vera gel. Your hair is unique to you. You realize that you have different textures of hair throughout your head. Be honest with yourself, as to what hair styles you can achieve with out styling, and which hair styles are may take a bit of planning and effort to achieve. While you are transitioning picture yourself wearing your top five favorite natural hair styles. Picture yourself in the fabulous hair styles that you want.

The fastest way to grow your is to learn to work with it and not against it. Avoid unnecessary use of heat styling tools. Pressing your new growth to match the texture of your relaxed hair, seems like a great idea atthe time.

This may work for you after deep conditioning, air or blow drying, applying heat protectant, and then flat ironing or pressing your hair. However, if you are pressing your hair on a daily basis to achieve a very straight look, you could end up damaging your hair. If you feel that your hair has to be straight all of the time, consider transitioning with a wig or use silk head bands to lay down your new growth with alcohol free gel. Another alternative is a braid out. Braid your hair every night with a light oil and gel for hold. Simply un braid in the morning for a fresh hair style that does not involve combing or heat styling.

Eat a diet high in protein, vegetables, and fiber. Supplements that may help your hair to grow faster are fish oil, msm, flax seed oil, green powdered supplements, and fresh vegetable and fruit juice. If you are exercising regularly, taking supplements, staying hydrated, conditioner washing often, and eating well. Look for new hair growth solutions on hair forums. When you do find a few supplements that you want to take, write down your routine and stick with it. Measure your results every month. Take snapshots of your hair every month to look back over your progress.

Since your natural hair will shrink and coil up more so than relaxed hair, it may seem that your hair is not growing.You have to fully stretch a section, or a few strands of your hair to see the true length. A healthy head full of shoulder length natural hair can be achieved in one and half to two years. Most people can grow six or more inches of hair a year. When you are comfortable with your progress simply get a hair cut to complete your transition. For many women this may be immediate with a big chop. It may take you several months or a year or more before you cut off all of the relaxed hair. This is your hair, so whatever you decide is the right decision.

With supplements and treating your hair like a piece of silk, you may be able to achieve more than six inches of hair growth in one year. Treat your hair with love and respect to retain all of the hair that you grow. Use these tips to help you transition from a relaxer to natural hair faster. Keep your hair goals in mind, on days when your hair styling may take a bit of extra effort. Visit hair forums, and natural hair Fotki albums when you need some hair inspiration.

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