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5 Common Natural Hair Myths

Posted by A'Kiyia on September 30, 2011 at 9:20 AM

This was Posted By CURLYNIKKI                                                                                                                     This was Such a Great Post and I wanted to Post it for Everyone!


5 Common Natural Hair Myths

1. The belief that race, texture and genes are factors that determine the length of hair.

It is commonly assumed that those with a looser curl are capable of growing their hair longer than those with tighter, kinkier curls. These myths have absolutely no scientific grounding. Hair growth is primarily determined by a very controllable factor that being the quality of care given to it.

2. Water is drying to hair.

In actuality water is the best friend of textured hair. It is the only effective moisturizer for hair. Without exposing the hair on a consistent basis to water, hair can suffer from dryness and breaking. It is very important as a consumer to make sure that your moisturizer has water (aqua) as the first ingredient listed.

3. Oils and heavy creams keep hair hydrated.

As stated above, water is what moisturizes and penetrates the hair strands. Oils and creams are meant to simply lock in that moisture. Water becomes “locked” in the hair strand because oils/creams are molecularly larger than water and keep the moisture sealed on the strand. So when moisturizing hair, remember it is a two step process- first applying water or water- based product followed by an oil/cream sealant. Oils and heavy creams are great for providing shine and lubrication but not moisture.

4. Hair can be protected from heat.

There is absolutely no way that hair can be completely protected from any type of heat whether it be from hair dryers, flat irons (ceramic or not), straightening combs or UV sun rays. Therefore use heat sparingly with an understanding that each application of heat results in damage which many times is irreversible.

5. Hair needs to be trimmed regularly in order for it to grow.

Trimming is indeed helpful in correcting damaged ends but it is not the trick to retaining length. More often than not constant trimming keeps hair stagnant in length. The key to length retention lies in the quality of care given to preserving the hair strand’s ends. Therefore, if you are not taking care to prevent damaged ends than you will be caught in an endless cycle of cutting off damaged ends, mistreating the new exposed ends only to cut them off eventually!

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6:30 PM on May 1, 2012 
Good tips!
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6:06 PM on August 21, 2012 
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